Clogged Tub Drain In St. George . . . When To Call In The Pros

Plumbing problems are the worst! We take for granted that our drains will drain and water will come out of faucets, spigots, and showers only when we tell it to. And, in reality, most of the time plumbing holds up and does what it is supposed to, most of the time. Of course, there are those times when your clogged tub drain in St. George creates a situation that remains in your memory for a long time. Damage, delays, and other messes create vivid memories especially since they always seem to happen at inopportune times. So, when is the best time to call a professional plumber?

Clogged Tub Drain In St. George

The best time to call a plumber is when you suspect a problem may be just around the corner. Of course, this is a pretty tall order. Predicting the future or understanding the clues and hints that a plumbing disaster is coming up is very very difficult to do, especially for the lay person. So, here are a couple things to watch for that may clue you in to problems that could turn nasty when you least expect it. Slow draining or a clogged drain is definitely one to watch. Slow draining drains can often mean unacceptable build up in a drain that will require labor to remove a hair-ball or other nasty build up.

Slow or clogged tub drain in St. George is not the only thing to watch for. Another common plumbing problem is leaky faucet to include the knobs. Usually this requires a simple tune-up to fix, but, if left untreated, can lead to broken gaskets, chronic dripping, or other water damage. The longer slow draining sinks, tubs, or toilets are left untreated the greater the likelihood that you will face a larger more complex plumbing problem. Simple drips and leaks may not cost a lot to fix when first noticed, but when that gasket finally goes if you are out of town for a week, then the water damage can be much more expensive.

My favorite plumbing issue that goes untreated is the leaking drain tubes under a sink. This could be a kitchen, bathroom, or laundry sink, but when they become misaligned due to bottles of cleaner being shoved in the wrong place they can start to leak. Much like the clogged tub drain in St. George, this problem can go unnoticed for months. But, if you let it go too long, you will notice mold, rot, and terrible smells coming from under your sink. All of these problems are things professional plumbers can watch for during annual inspections that will, over the life of your building, save you tons. Truly when it comes to plumbing an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.