Signs That You Need A Sewer Drain Clean Out In St. George

A clogged drain is a serious problem in your home that can be prevented by the occasional sewer drain clean out in St. George. However, most people won’t know the signs of a clogged drain, and the earlier you catch the signs, the smaller the problem is. After all, a sewer drain clog means that not all of your waste is effectively removed.

The first sign of a clogged sewer drain is when your drain is slowing down. This is common in sinks and will happen over time. The cause for this is simply foreign residue, such as hair, grease, or some foods. Now this isn’t an emergency, but it is nice to be aware that it is a sign.

Another common sign is an overflowing toilet. Now this wonderful occurrence is an easy fix with a plunger, but is a sign that there is some blockage in the piping. Occasionally, if there is damage in the drainage system, water will pool from the drain. This is because an object or blockage is preventing the waste from exiting, and it resurfaces. This is one of the later signs and should be followed by a call to your local plumber.

Lastly, you should call to have a sewer and drain cleaning if you smell a pungent smell emitting from a drain or pipe. There is a chance it is decaying food or blockage that didn’t get properly flushed out.

Sewer Drain Clean Out In St. George

To close, I am sure most of these signs have happened to you at one time or another, but that doesn’t mean your home is about to flood. But when these signs are ignored and no maintenance is done, larger breaks and damages are more likely. So take precautionary action, and have your sewer drain clean out in St. George.