How To Prevent A Shower Drain Clog In St. George

As you step in the shower and you start to soap up, you notice: the water is now above your ankles. Maybe your shower is in a tub, so you check the lever to see whether you somehow designated bath this time. Nope. You are dealing with a shower drain clog in St. George, and you need to find the best team to solve your problem. Call the Dixie Drain Doctor, and we’ll keep you from having to wrestle the drain yourself.

Shower Drain Clog In St. George

What causes a shower drain clog in St. George? Although showers aren’t exposed to all the food particles that kitchen sinks are, showers have three main issues that can cause a clogged drain. First, hair. In many cases, lots of hair. The average human loses about 70 strands of hair per day, with some people losing up to 150. Although some of that will simply fall out during normal activities, and quite a bit comes out during brushing or styling, a heavy percentage comes loose during washing, and longer hair is more problematic than shorter hair.

As the hair falls out, it can get tangled around the parts in the drain, causing shower drain clogs in St. George. Drain parts are the second part of the problem. The third is soap. Particularly chunks of soap that can bind hair together, making it too sticky and large to pass through a drain.

To prevent shower drain clogs in St. George, first, make sure you have a cover to strain the hair before it can enter the drain itself. Next, remind everyone to clean that cover after each shower—daily maintenance is crucial to keeping your drain free of hair. Next, keep the little leftover pieces of soap from going down the drain. If they are loose in your shower, they can also cause slipping accidents. If one does get past you, pour very hot water down the drain to dissolve it before it catches and hardens, causing problems later.

If all that fails, call us. We are quick and efficient, and we will get your drain working again in very short order.