What Can You Do About A Constantly Clogged Floor Drain In St. George

Everyone knows the hassle of a clogged drain, but knowing if the problem is something you can fix yourself is important. We all want to save money where we can, but some matters are best left to the professionals. What we can do is accurately identify the problem, so we are better informed to make the decision to ask for help or not.

Clogged Floor Drain In St. George

If you called an electrician every time a light bulb went out, you would be charged for the hour, for a task that could be solved in under a minute. So to avoid unnecessary fees, let us review the problems that arise with a clogged floor drain in St. George. For starters, you want to know where the back flow is preventing access. If more than just one drain is being affected, there is a good chance multiples fixtures are being affected and it is a problem downstream.

The first step to run a quick check by cleaning out the fixture trap that can easily clog with any obstructions such as roots or other debris. The next step to cleaning out a clogged floor drain in St. George is to remove the clean out plug. This often releases some backed up waste so stand back! From here, you are going to want to rent a drain cleaning machine at a rental store, and be sure to note the size of pipe. Next is to follow the instructions provided with the drain cleaning machine carefully, as they are rather powerful.

If you are new to home repairs, perhaps watch a few videos or have your first clogged drain done by an expert. After all, taking on a clogged floor drain in St. George is an important job that you may want to have done by the pros.