Smelly Drains? Fixes For Your Sewer And Drain Clogs In St. George

We’ve all had those days when some smell near a drain in your home doesn’t seem quite right. If you have smelly drains that you can’t fix with a good baking soda rinse, you likely have a larger problem, and we have the fix for your sewer and drain clogs in St. George with sewer and drain cleaning and other expertise as needed. The Dixie Drain Doctor can locate and diagnose the problem and fix it before you know it. We are the go-to source for plumbing and drain problems here in Utah’s Dixie.

Sewer And Drain Clogs In St. George

Sewer and drain clogs in St. George are as big a problem here as they are anywhere. Just because we aren’t in a forest doesn’t mean we don’t get roots growing through sewer lines, which is the cause of a lot of clogs in many homes. In fact, drains can be clogged by all sorts of things. Kitchen drains—particularly garbage disposals—get clogged by potato peelings and other starchy things, no matter what the disposal literature says. Hair can clog drains in bathroom sinks and showers and tubs.

And if you have small children… Well, we have all seen what they think is fun to flush. We have seen polystyrene take-out containers, pens, batteries, whole apples and pears. Small children will try to flush anything because watching it go down is such fun!

But trying to get these items out of a drain is not fun, particularly because most homeowners not only don’t have the tools, but aren’t experienced in using them. If you have sewer and drain clogs in St. George, call us. You won’t surprise us, and we aren’t bothered by the smells or that you haven’t cleaned under your sink in two years. We are great at clearing all sorts of clogs out of drains, and we are prompt and courteous.

Don’t put up with the smelly drain. Give us a call and get back to enjoying your summer!