What To Do When You Need Emergency Plumbers In St. George

When you have a pipe that clogs or bursts on a weekend or in the dead of night, you have an emergency. That isn’t the time to find an emergency plumber, but that is often when you start searching. For emergency plumbers in St. George, you should start with the Dixie Drain Doctor. We not only fix anything that could possibly go wrong with pipes, we are available 24/7, and we are clean, prompt, and reliable.

Emergency Plumbers In St. George

Why do you need to know emergency plumbers in St. George? Somehow, for some reason, pipes just seem to know when you have a lot of other stuff to do. That’s when they clog or burst, of course! Just like copy machines and printers, pipes seem to respond to the level of stress in the household, and they insist on bursting on weekends and after normal working hours.

Unfortunately, that is the worst time to start searching for a plumber. So the first step in knowing what you need to do when you need emergency plumbers in St. George is having a number in your speed dial or taped to the wall in the kitchen where you can always find it.

Of course, knowing where the shut-off valve is on your toilet is a good precaution. If you don’t know now, you can search it on the Internet or we can show you when we come next. You also want to have some buckets handy and some rags because when a pipe leaks under your sink, you want to contain the mess until we arrive.

If you have our number handy, those are likely the only emergency measures you’ll need to take. Stop the damage before it gets worse, then call us. We will take care of the rest, and we are used to working where messes have happened, so we’ll leave you in better shape than we found you!