How To Prevent A Clogged Floor Drain In St. George

We all have them—floor drains. And not much is less fun than a clogged floor drain in St. George. Our floor drains go unnoticed most of the time, but they serve us pretty faithfully in several areas around the house—showers, laundry rooms, utility closets where we keep water heaters and water softeners. Even garages and outdoor rinse-off areas have these unnoticed drains. If you don’t want to have them clog, you can follow a few simple steps to prevent the problems before they happen.

Clogged Floor Drain In St. George

The first, and most obvious, step in avoiding a clogged floor drain in St. George is to avoid washing things down the drain that can cause problems. Most drains come with a screen or drain grate that keeps hair, soap scum, and other unwanted items out. Make sure your grate isn’t broken or missing, and you dramatically increase your chances of a clean drain. If your drain is located where you wash food items down it, remember that coffee grounds and grease are the most frequent kitchen items that clog drains. Pour hot grease into a can or cardboard milk container and let it cool before disposing of it in your trash.

Another tool in your clean drain tool belt is keeping the drain clean and smelling nice. If you think your drain is a little slow or has a bad odor, you can try tossing some baking soda down the drain and following it with hot water. In fact, if you are interested in avoiding a clogged floor drain in St. George, hot water can be your best friend. Try running some hot water down the drain after you have used it almost any time. The addition of baking soda can help keep it clean, and it will definitely improve any lingering odors you don’t want.