How To Keep Roots From Wrecking Your Sewer Drains In St. George

For most homeowners, unclogging a drain comes with the territory. If you have sewer drains in St. George, you have occasional clog problems—everyone does. The easiest way to avoid having to clean your drains is to prevent the problems in the first place, though that isn’t always possible. Don’t flush pencils, food, and small toys down the drain, of course, like many toddlers try. It is such fun to watch the water! But the problem you can’t control is tree roots. To keep roots from being a problem, you have a few options.

The first key to keep roots from wrecking your sewer drains in St. George is to not plant trees close to sewer lines. However, here in St. George, trees are lifesavers in the summer heat, so we do like to plant a lot of trees, and if you’ve moved into a home with existing landscaping, you have little control over where the trees are planted.

Why are trees such a problem? Sewer drains have water and a lot of nutrients flowing through them, and roots find them irresistible. If your drains were improperly sealed when they were installed, if they are old and have cracks or holes, the roots will find them and burrow inside to tap that source of nutrition. Good for the tree—bad for your drainage.

Who To Call About Your Sewer Drains In St. George

When that happens, you call us, and we try to solve the problem. The first solution, of course, is to remove the clog. We can use in-line cameras to find where the clog is, and then we have a variety of tools to clear it. Check out our hydro jetting video to see how well it can power through practically anything! After that, of course, comes prevention. We will talk over your options to help you keep clean sewer drains in St. George, and we will tailor the solution to your home so you don’t have recurring problems down the road.