Avoid Scary Plumbing Costs In St. George This Halloween

You wouldn’t think it would be hard to avoid scary plumbing costs in St. George this Halloween, but if you are like my family, you might be in for a surprise: My little brother used to flush his pears and apples down the toilet so he could say he finished his dinner and get to his Halloween candy! Holidays bring unique challenges, even to plumbing.

Plumbing Costs In St. George

Plumbing costs in St. George around holidays can often rise due to the increase in cooking and the greater number of guests in a home. If you have overnight guests or if you host parties, your plumbing takes on more of a load than it typically does. Plumbing that usually functions just fine with normal family activities can malfunction when the load increases because pipes are old or lines have roots growing through them.

What can you do to avoid rising plumbing costs in St. George? First, know your pipes. If your kitchen sink has a disposal, look at the pipes coming out. If they have 90º turns, those potato peelings aren’t going anywhere quickly, so put them in the trash instead. Learn what your pipes’ limitations are so you don’t have unexpected troubles.

Second, have a good plunger on hand. Have a dedicated kitchen sink so you avoid cross-contamination with a toilet plunger. If your plunger is old, the rubber might be unflexible, which will make it less effective when you use it. Invest in a good one.

Finally, using a drain snake is not a bad idea—it won’t harm your pipes like many chemicals do—but you might have to worry about it scratching your porcelain, and many affordable snakes you can buy retail are not terribly effective. A good snake is worth the extra money, so shop carefully. If necessary, it may be time to call a professional who can perform hydrojetting. And have a great holiday season!