Signs That Indicate A Sewer Line Clog In St. George

If you are a homeowner, you have probably dealt with clogged drains before. But you may not be aware of signs that indicate a sewer line clog in St. George. A lot of drain problems are isolated to the drain that is clogged—for example, a shower drain might have too much hair stuck in it. However, if you have a sewer line clog, it can cause drainage problems in drains around the house other than just the one where you have the problem.

Sewer Line Clog In St. George

A sewer line clog in St. George is never pleasant to deal with, but it is harder when the clog is a deeper issue than something a couple of inches down the drain. How can you tell whether the drain problem is a simple clog in your drain or a more serious sewer line clog? There are a few signs.

First, you should understand how your sewer lines are configured. You have one main line that runs from the street to your home. From that main line, other lines branch off to different areas of your home. If you have a clog in one of the branching lines, that particular area will have slow drains, or one drain can back up into another area. For example, you might run the water in the sink and it bubbles up in the bathtub a few feet away.

However, if your sewer line clog in St. George is a main line clog, this sort of referred water movement will happen in a drain that is farther away—and usually at the lowest point in your home. Basement drains backing up is a typical sign of a main sewer line clog, and you need a plumber to solve that problem.