Winterizing Your Plumbing Pipes In St. George

Winter is here, and even though we aren’t coping with the snow the rest of the state is getting, we do still need to winterize our plumbing pipes in St. George. Why is winterizing necessary? Pipes carry our water to and from our homes to the city’s main supplies—clean water to our homes, and waste water to the city sewage system. Even if you lived where you had your own well and a septic system, you would need to protect your pipes—they are vital to how we live in today’s world.

Plumbing Pipes In St. George

Imagine trying to do your typical day without water running to our showers, washers, and sinks! Protecting those plumbing pipes in St. George is crucial to having your home function as you want it to. If your toilet backs up in your home, if your shower doesn’t drain, if any of these things happened, your whole day would have to stop to fix the problems.

How about avoiding problems with plumbing pipes in St. George so you don’t have to fix something down the road? Winterizing your pipes does exactly that. When freezing temperatures approach, you want to know that your pipes are protected. If they are exposed, the water in them freezes, expanding as it freezes, and the expansion can cause pipes to burst or crack. You won’t notice in many cases until the pipes thaw, and then you have huge water leaks all over your home, possibly even flooding.

How do you winterize your pipes? Well, most of us know to shut off the water to our sprinklers in the fall. If you haven’t done it yet, do it now. You also want to check for home or sprinkler pipes that aren’t buried at all or that are buried barely below the surface. If you can’t bury them, we have heating tape we can wrap them with to keep them from freezing.

If you want good working water all year around, give us a call and we can help winterize your plumbing pipes in St. George.