Why Hiring a Licensed Plumber in St. George is Important

When you are looking for a fix for a plumbing problem, you ought to first consider a licensed plumber in St. George. Although you can find a lot of companies willing to fix plumbing problems, and even sometimes a buddy who claims to be just as good as a plumber, if you want the problem fixed with a guarantee, you want to find a licensed plumber who stands behind their work.

Licensed Plumber in St. George

Whether you are fixing a troublesome drain or plumbing your home or an addition to your home, hiring a licensed plumber in St. George assures you that the job will get done right. A lot of people can claim to be able to clean out a drain, and some can. If the drain problem isn’t too tough, someone with a drain snake can clean out a small clog with little trouble. If the problem is a larger one, however, those drain-only companies end up having to call in a plumber anyway because any time major pipe work is involved, a plumber is required by law to handle the work.

And if you have decided to finish your basement, add an addition to your home, or have a shed with running water, you can’t get by with a good friend. At that point, hiring a licensed plumber in St. George is the way you assure that the job is done to code and that all necessary safety precautions are in place. No one wants a flood or walls that are ruined by pipes incorrectly installed, and that can happen if someone is a handyman plumber instead of a licensed professional.

Licensing means that we have had to study and pass tests, showing that we know building codes and how to avoid costly errors. Call us for plumbing problems or new pipe installation. We can help without the long-term hassle.