Benefits of Commercial Plumbing in St. George

Commercial plumbing in St. George is not only for putting pipes in new buildings. As you think of all the services a plumber can offer, you will likely discover that we can do a lot of things you thought you would need other professionals to do. A commercial plumber can dig safely to put in pipes; replace old or broken plumbing; clear clogs from toilets, drains, sewers, and sinks; install, repair, or replace water heaters and garbage disposals; and use a hydrojet to clear or clean hard-to-reach pipes or drains.

Commercial Plumbing in St. George

When you have a clogged drain, you might not think first of commercial plumbing in St. George; you might think of drain cleaners. When you think of garbage disposal installation or how to get rid of and install a new water heater, you might think of building contractors. The truth is, commercial plumbers can do all those things, and many more.

The advantage of having a plumber do your drain cleaning is that, if your pipes are a serious problem, we have a license to dig between your house and the main water line and do the repairs that are needed underground. A drain cleaner can’t do that.

If you are installing a new water heater, you can’t just hook it up. You need someone who has the license to dispose of the old heater and who has the certification to hook up the gas lines to install the new one. Who can do all that? Only someone licensed to do commercial plumbing in St. George, that’s who.

For all your plumbing and drain needs, we are the professionals who can tackle any job, complete any task, and you only need one professional to make it all happen. Give us a call for all your plumbing needs.