How to Unclog your Sink’s U-Bend – Drain Rooter Service in St. George

It is just a matter of time until you find yourself with a clogged sink, in need of a drain rooter service in St. George. Whether it is to take preventative actions or deal with a clog that already exists, this blog can help.

Drain Rooter Service in St. George

First of all, identifying a clogged sink in the early stages is helpful information, and can remove the need for a drain service if preventative measures are taken consistently. One of the red flags that can help you identify a potential clog is a slow drain. Anyway, the first step is to clear the area under the sink and place a bucket to catch the waste buildup. Then remove the u-pipe and try your best to remove any gunk on the inner lining of the pipe. Then go on and repeat the cleaning process for the tailpiece pipe, drain pipe, and the stopper. This will be an unappetizing experience, but will save you the money from hiring a drain rooter service in St. George or buying harsh chemical products. From here, all of the primary sink pipe pieces have been cleared of debris and can be reassembled.

Once your sink is back together again, give it a whirl and double check to see that the clean water runs down the sink smoothly. Once you are done, get rid of the waste bucket and continue to enjoy a clean and working sink! Of course, this process must be repeated here and there, as no sink is immune to buildup.

If you aren’t the type to DIY and your time is better spent elsewhere, consider hiring an expert. Drain rooter service in St. George gets the job done quickly and efficiently, while you get to spend the day how you want.