Reasons to Replace Plumbing in St. George

Your plumbing is something you probably don’t think about much. You don’t sit around wondering about the reasons to replace plumbing in St. George. Instead, we all expect water in the showers and sinks and toilets, and we don’t anticipate problems in the drains. So, when a leak or clog happens, we are surprised and usually inconvenienced.

Replace Plumbing in St. George

You may not know that you sometimes have to replace plumbing in St. George; you think that your plumbing will simply keep working as it is supposed to, with an occasional clog to be cleared. After all, your plumbing is the lifeblood of your home, and you figure that it will always do its job.

Plumbing isn’t all created equal, and some kinds need to be replaced sooner rather than later. For example, most pre-1960’s homes have galvanized steel pipes, which deteriorate over time. We are a long way from the 1950’s and 1940’s, so if you have an older home, your pipes probably need to be replaced to avoid a flooded basement.

And even if your home isn’t pre-1960’s, if you are looking to replace plumbing in St. George, you might want us to have a look at the plumbing wherever it is view-able. Certain types have been experimented with over the years, and not all were reliable. As homes age, that unreliability shows up, and we can forewarn you of problems that might occur.

Did you know that other problems outside your home can also affect your plumbing as your home ages? Those cute little bushes and trees you planted five or ten years ago have roots that now reach far and wide for water, and plumbing carrying water to your home or waste away from it are great sources for roots. When we come to help with a drain problem, have us take a look at your pipes, and we can give you a heads-up about the issues you might face down the road.