How to Detect Plumbing Problems in St. George that Commonly Cause Water Damage

Eventually, everyone will have plumbing problems in St. George. Not because St. George is a bad place to live, but because plumbing is a high-use workhorse in a home, and anything that gets that much use will eventually have to have repairs or replacements. The question is, when will your home and plumbing need attention? There are a few clues as to whether your plumbing is struggling, and if you learn to spot those clues early, you can avoid costly repairs and water damage by having maintenance instead.

Plumbing Problems in St. George

Plumbing problems in St. George are often found when you notice slower draining in your shower or sink, even in your toilet. This slowing means that something is blocking the pipe, making the water have to work its way around the clog. Inside the home that is likely hair and other debris, and in the kitchen, grease can contribute. If the clog is in the exterior pipes, roots are most likely the problem.

Another sign that you have a problem is damp, mold, or wet spots. If you see any of these signs on walls, ceilings, or under your sink, you likely have a leak somewhere, and if it isn’t fixed, you can have some serious water damage.

Other clues that indicate plumbing problems in St. George include smells and sounds. If you smell something bad, it might be waste that isn’t flushing correctly, debris that has become trapped in a pipe, or standing water in an area that should be draining. All these problems can create foul or sour smells.

Additionally, weird sounds like screeching when you turn on the water faucet can indicate air trapped in your pipes. For any of these problems, call a plumber immediately so we can fix the problem before you have serious damage.