Plumbing Snake Vs. Hydrojetting in St. George

Have you ever heard of hydrojetting in St. George as a way to clear drain clogs? When you have a clogged drain that is beyond your plumber’s helper efforts, you call a plumber. When that expert arrives, you might be expecting a plumbing snake to clear the obstruction, but what if your plumber arrives with a hydrojetting system? You may not even know what one looks like, and you may not have much confidence that it will do what you need to clear a drain clog. After all, if water isn’t going through your drain now, what makes anyone think more water will do the trick?

Hydrojetting in St. George

Hydrojetting in St. George is more than just water going through a drain. Hydrojetting is a phenomenally powerful jet of water that has enough pressure to break up and wash away debris, leaving your pipes clean and functioning. How does it work? Our particular system has forward- and backward-shooting water jets, but the real advantage we have is that the powerhead rotates, so the water is going in all directions, which helps break up the clog and wash it away.

Do you always need something that powerful to clear a clog? No, and sometimes a hydro jetting system could even damage your pipes. Watch our video online to see how it works. Although the lack of chemicals means that hydrojetting in St. George is environmentally safe, the fact that the water is so highly pressurized means that your pipes could be damaged if they are weak. Before we advise hydro jetting, we will offer a sewer camera inspection so we can know the condition of your pipes.

If you need a clog cleared, give us a call. Whether we go the traditional plumbing snake route or whether you need to more powerful hydro jet, we can help.