Always Use Non Toxic Drain Cleaners in your Plumbing System in St. George

Trying to care for your plumbing system in St. George and the environment may seem to be opposite sides of a coin, but not when you have a trusty plumber only a call away! Many homeowners first solution to a clogged or even slowed drain is to buy a drain cleaner from their local market. There are a number of reasons that this is the less than ideal method. While it is an inexpensive alternative that eats away at the buildup within the pipe, it doesn’t stop there. These strong chemicals break down the linings of the pipe as well. This is a death sentence for older plumbing lines and can lead to a much bigger problem like a leak somewhere within the walls. On top of the danger of causing a larger problem for yourself, these cleaners only remove debris that resides closer to the drain opening, leaving the deeper clogs untouched. And most importantly, these corrosive cleaners don’t disappear once they’ve gone through your home. The same chemicals that instantly burn away what it comes in contact with will eventually land in a river, lake, or ocean.

Caring for your Plumbing System in St. George

So why use such an irresponsible solution when a perfectly valid alternative exists such as calling a plumber or removing the obstruction manually? Help do your part by not contributing to the mess. If you can afford it, call a trusted plumber to deal with your plumbing system in St. George. If times are tough, manually removing the blockage will not only be free and safe for the environment, but you will keep your plumbing system pipeline in better condition. So the sooner we can all take responsibility and make the switch to environmentally safe methods of cleaning, the longer we can enjoy healthy families and plumbing systems in St. George.