What is Hydro Jetting in Hurricane? And When do You Need it?

When you encounter a problem with your home’s pipes, you may read about a method called hydro jetting in Hurricane, but what is hydro jetting? Well it is a process that clears out some of the toughest clogs, whether it be roots, sand, silt, hair, grease, or other hard to remove build-ups, using high pressured water.

Hydro Jetting in Hurricane

Hydro Jetting is beneficial for many reasons. For one, it cleans and clears out the pipes much more thoroughly than other methods like snaking. It also provides an environmentally friendly alternative that avoids the harsh chemicals that many store bought drain cleaners contain. However, hydro jetting in Hurricane isn’t perfect. Because it uses high pressured water, older pipes that have grown brittle over time are bad candidates for hydro jetting. The pressure can cause pipes to rupture which is a much bigger problem, so be sure to ask your plumber if hydro jetting is best for you and your home. Hydro jetting is notoriously effective in commercial buildings because they clean the whole system’s pipe lining.

Now that you know quite a bit about hydro jetting now, when is it best to use? Well for your first encounter of a clogged drain, a snake will be an easy and affordable solution but will only temporarily solve the problem. If you run into another clogged drain in a few weeks, you likely have buildup along the linings of the pipes that are bound to clog again. This is a perfect example of where hydro jetting in Hurricane can get the job done while other methods struggle, so now that you know what and when to use hydro jetting, you are ready to conquer any clog!