Preparing Your Plumbing for Winter with Rooter Service in Leeds

Winter is fully here, making now a great time to look at your plumbing. If you need rooter service in Leeds, winter is the perfect time to get all your lines cleaned out. In winter, roots continue to grow, even if the plant above ground is dormant. In fact, that is the very reason most landscapers prefer to plant trees and shrubs in the fall; the roots can get well established over the winter, giving the plant a better chance to survive summer heat water inconsistencies. Those roots can grow right into your main plumbing line, giving you slower drainage and eventual clogs and breakage. Take the time now, while the weather is keeping you from doing yard work, to work on your plumbing instead.

Rooter Service in Leeds

When we get a clogged or slow drain, we think of rooter service in Leeds. But a better time to think of getting those drains cleaned out is when the drain is a little slow or when you have some down time from yard work. In the winter, we are all indoors more, giving the drains more to do than in other seasons. The added strain plus the growing roots is a recipe for drain clogs and damage. Taking the time during the indoor months to maintain the health of your plumbing is a great idea.

If you have a slow drain, you can, of course, use some natural, at-home methods to clear it before it gets worse. If the clog is caused by grease, pour some dish soap down, wait 3-5 minutes, then follow with boiling water. The combination will dissolve the grease.

If the clog is caused by hair, you can typically use needle-nose pliers or a wire hanger to remove the hair, but only if it is near the drain entrance.

If you have deeper problems or roots growing through your line, however, you need a rooter service in Leeds, and we are happy to help.