How to Increase Water Pressure in Your House — Plumbing Problems in St. George

Few things can top a hot shower in the morning, but if your home is experiencing plumbing problems in St. George, your shower time can be affected by low water pressure in your house. Not only does low water pressure diminish the enjoyment of your shower, but can be a red flag that indicates some damage to your plumbing has already been done. Some of the common causes of low water pressure in homes are leaking water pipes, corroded or blocked up water pipe, leaking water meters, or even a leaking toilet. It is important that you take action quickly and don’t wait until the issue gets worse.

Plumbing Problems in St. George

Quickly call a trusted plumber to run an inspection to ensure that your home is safe for the time being and that the plumbing problem in St. George is contained. If you don’t find any causes within your home, it could be a problem with the city’s municipal water system that is affecting you and your neighbors. From here, there are a few steps you can take to increase the water pressure in your home without help from the experts.

One solution is to check and clear your pipes for buildup that could be preventing water from flowing freely. Hotspots for mineral deposits that cause clogs are shower heads or faucets, so try to dissolve the residue with home remedies or store bought cleaners. (Though use these chemicals sparingly.) You may also want to check up on your home’s water regulator. This device is located between where the main water line comes into your home and the main shut off valve. When working, it controls the water pressure of your home, but they go bad over time and should be checked annually to ensure they are working properly. So, if you experience low water pressure in your home, don’t wait to report your plumbing problems in St. George to the experts!