How to Fix a Clogged Toilet in Leeds

If you can hear a burbling sound after you’ve flushed the toilet, or if it won’t flush at all, you may have a clogged toilet in Leeds. What can you do to fix one? You have a few options. First, you have the trusty plumber’s helper that has been around forever, and for good reason: a good plunger does a great job at loosening clogs and getting your plumbing moving again. Second, you can try to use a plumber’s snake yourself. Although the idea is simple, these wiry snakes are often harder to use than they look. Or you can call a professional.

Clogged Toilet in Leeds

For a typical clogged toilet in Leeds, you get the plunger out and have at it. Plungers, like everything else, however, are not all created equal. The kind that are a simple inverted umbrella shape work pretty well most of the time, but if you want more pulling power, so to speak, you want the ones that have an inner lip that is smaller than the outer edge of the umbrella shape. This added big of rubber allows the plumber’s helper to create greater force for clearing clogs, giving you a better chance of success in your efforts.

Plumbing snakes are another great idea for the DIY home plumber. The problem is that most that you can buy in your local hardware store are a little flimsy, making them nearly impossible to accurately aim through pipes with any effect. If you have the knack, however, these little tools can be lifesavers.

If none of those methods work, or if you are not a DIY home plumber, you might just want to call your local drain doctor. We have years of experience, great tools, and a good attitude. We can help make your clogs disappear, and your stress right along with them.