What Hot Weather Can Do to Your St. George Plumbing

If you are looking at your St. George plumbing to see what to prepare for or prevent during the summer heat that is headed your way, take the time to plan for or prevent some common summer plumbing problems. In the heat of summer, problems crop up like they do at any time of the year, but the summer heat can make the smells seem worse, the inconvenience seem unbearable.

St. George Plumbing

When summer hits, we all have a few problems that are unique to the heat, and in St. George plumbing problems can seem even worse because our heat is higher than in almost any other place in Utah. A backed-up sink or malfunctioning garbage disposal on a hot day can attract flies and drive away family and guests.

So first, inspect your pipes before the weather gets bad. Hearing some of that burbling and gurgling in your drains? Give us a call and get your drains run. A sewage backup is horrible any time, but summer is worse. Having trouble with your garbage disposal? First, grab that that little wrench that came with your unit and do a little maintenance on your own. If that doesn’t fix the problem, give us a call.

Hot weather doesn’t, by itself, cause plumbing problems unless you have pipes that are exposed to UV rays, which most of us don’t. What hot weather does do is invite your kids’ friends over for long days of playing in the yard and coming inside to cool off. More toilet use, more kids in the kitchen throwing who-knows-what down the drain. Summer can be like a three-month holiday meal, and your drains may not keep up.

Prepare for the onslaught by checking and fixing your St. George plumbing in advance.