What Exactly is Rooter Service in La Verkin?

You have probably heard of rooter service for drains. You might not have any idea what that is. So, today we will talk about what is rooter service in La Verkin. First, you need to know that rooters are associated with drains. Toilet, showers, sink—rooters are a cleaning method. When your drains or house sewer lines are clogged, a rooter service is what you call to clear them up. Whether the problem is a slow drain or one that refuses to work at all, that is what a rooter service is for.

Rooter Service in La Verkin

Let’s start with the different tools we have to clear a drain when we provide rooter service in La Verkin. Like anyone we can use something simple like a plumbers’ helper, or plunger, to clear a simple problem. You have those at home, most likely, and we carry them as well.

If your clog is farther down the line, we often use a machine that has a “plumbing snake” with a blade on the end or spring on the end, or an auger. This tool, a rooter or drain snake, can do one of those things. If it has a blade on the end, it is designed to cut through whatever is clogging the drain. Frequently roots can grow through a sewer line, clogging it completely. The blades cut through the roots, clearing your drain.

Another tool at the end of the snake is like a spring that can catch whatever is in the drain and pull it back to be removed.

One of our amazing tools is the hydro jet, which uses high-speed water instead of a blade, and it can cut through practically anything to clear a drain. Water jets are what tile installers use to cut stone and ceramic tile, so you can see how powerful they are.