What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency in Hurricane

We’ve all had them…or heard of someone who did: plumbing emergencies. A plumbing emergency in Hurricane can be anything from an overflowing toilet to a sink backing up and refusing to drain. Sometimes they cooperate with a plumber’s helper and you get them fixed quickly. Sometimes they don’t. And for whatever reason, they seem to always happen on weekends and holidays—maybe because we are all home, doing more cooking, having guests over, and generally putting the plumbing to more use than usual. The question is what to do when those emergencies happen, how to contain them if you can’t repair them yourself.

Plumbing Emergency in Hurricane

First, for any plumbing emergency in Hurricane, you want to stop further damage. If your toilet is so clogged that it has started overflowing, you need to turn off the water. If you haven’t ever done this before, the procedure is easy. Near the floor behind the toilet, you will see a water line where the water comes into the toilet from behind the wall. There is a knob of some sort on that line, and you simply rotate it until the water is off.

If the damage is your sink, you usually can simply turn off the faucet, but if that is broken, you can turn off the water to the entire house if necessary. To do that, locate the shutoff that connects your house to the main water from the city. In most houses, that will be in the front of the house, in a crawl space or basement, frequently. As with the toilet, you simply have a turnoff to rotate.

For all emergencies, you want to know where these shutoffs are in advance, so take the time to find them now, while your home is fine. Then, when you have a plumbing emergency in Hurricane, shut off what you need to, then give a qualified drain doctor a call.