Pipe Cleaning and Techniques Used to Remedy Clogged Plumbing Drains in Leeds

When you do encounter clogged plumbing drains in Leeds, knowing the best repair technique for the job makes repairs easy and affordable. So, let’s go through how some of these clogs form and the best way to tackle each one.

The major causes of clogged plumbing drains differ depending on the location, but all suffer from a slow accumulation of gunk on the inner lining of the pipes, which are relatively easy cleans. For kitchen sinks, the main culprits include: grease and food remains such as bone, egg shells, or peels. For bathrooms, be careful about letting hair or beauty products go down the drain. If you are unlucky, your home’s main sewage line can even be clogged from tree roots, which will require a professional to look at.

Now some of the popular fixes for clogged plumbing drains in Leeds include: snake, hydro-jetting, and drain cleaners. A snake is a long, flexible wire that you can maneuver through pipes and is best used for dislodging obstruction within pipes. Hydro-jetting on the other hand is a more heavy duty solution. It uses highly pressurized water to clear out any of the sludge that hangs onto the sides of piping, and while it thoroughly gets the job done, it isn’t suitable for all houses (especially older houses with weaker pipes).

Lastly, drain cleaners are often short term solutions to the same buildup that hydro jetting works to eliminate. These unconventional cleaners can be made at home by mixing common household solutions, such as baking soda and vinegar combo. You can also try store bought drain cleaners but they are known to wear down the inner lining of pipes overtime.

So now that you know the best methods of pipe cleaning, you are ready to try your hand or call a trust plumber to handle clogged plumbing drains in Leeds!