Things That Will Absolutely Create Plumbing Pipe Clogs in La Verkin

You probably haven’t played any family games wondering what causes plumbing pipe clogs in La Verkin. Your family will appreciate that you haven’t. But you may have wondered whether something is going to cause you problems—and you probably did when you were a kid. If you have kids, they are likely wondering that same thing from time to time. While no one can create a complete list of everything that might cause a problem, we know some things for sure.

Avoid Plumbing Pipe Clogs in La Verkin

If you want to avoid plumbing pipe clogs in La Verkin, concentrate on three main areas: items too big to flush, what should fit down a drain but won’t, and how to properly use your garbage disposal in your sink.

Items too big to flush: Children are notorious for trying to flush things that shouldn’t go anywhere near a toilet. Barbie dolls. Books. Baseballs. And those are just the letter B! Children have been known to try to flush Styrofoam take-home containers (when they stole mom’s leftovers!), pencils, batteries (“don’t put in trash” warnings can be misinterpreted, apparently), and food they don’t want to eat. No one wants to call a plumber for help on something that was totally preventable, so have the “don’t flush” talk with your children.

What should fit down a drain but won’t: If you have a lot of hair washing down that shower drain, a soap sliver can cause a clog. It should fit down just fine, but it won’t if you already have a lot of hair caught in the pipes.

What shouldn’t go down a garbage disposal: Unless you have refused to read directions, you already know to not put peach or apricot pits, large seeds (like from avocados), or popcorn kernels down the garbage disposal. What your city water report will likely tell you is that you really shouldn’t use the garbage disposal for all that food that you scrape off plates and out of pans. Use the trash for that and keep the disposal for the stuff that gets missed.

If you follow these guidelines, you won’t have to see us very often, and your life will run more smoothly!