The Ins and Outs of Cleaning Sewer Drains in St. George

There are a lot of chores that come with maintaining your home, but one that you should never skimp out on is cleaning sewer drains in St. George. Luckily, keeping your houses’ plumbing working smoothly is as easy as it is important. If you take action to clear out your drains as soon as you start to notice a slow drain, than you can usually get away with a DIY method.

Depending on your home and how old or new the pipes are, there are a few different techniques for cleaning sewer drains in St. George. While there is no guarantee they will get the job done, it may be worth a try to save money. As you can imagine, if the clog is caused by some object that accidentally dropped down, chemicals won’t do much, and you will need a plumbers help. However, if the clog is due to a buildup of sludge that sticks to the inner lining of the pipe, you are good to go!

Cleaning Sewer Drains in St. George

The most popular DIY method is done by pouring about a half cup of baking soda along with a fourth cup of table salt down the drain that has the clog. Next, pour 1 cup of vinegar down the same drain and let it sit for about 15 minutes. After that, let the tap run to give it some time to rinse out and the clog should be gone!

If this doesn’t work, you could try a store bought drain cleaner but it is known to be harsh on your homes’ pipes as well as the environment. Which brings us to the last, and most reliable option. You can’t go wrong by calling in an expert that is trained for cleaning sewer drains in St. George!