The How, When, and Why of Sewer Hydro Jetting

Sewer hydro jetting may be a term you are not familiar with at this point in your life, but it is a term worth taking the time to learn about. Sewer hydro jetting is a process of clearing sewer lines from blockages that are not easily cleared by other means and is perfectly safe for most sewer lines.

Sewer hydro jetting is the process of sending high-speed water
through your sewer lines to clear obstructions. 
How it works is simple: a line is sent through your pipes in your home,
and it has high-powered water to break down the blockage, also simultaneously
flushing the debris down the line and out of your system.  We have a video on our website that shows what
the process looks like, and it demonstrates just how powerful the water is.

The when is a question of judgement.  Is your sink blocked, likely by a bunch of
potato peelings flushed down the in-sink disposal?  Probably not a time for the hydro jet.  Is your main line blocked, likely by roots that
have grown into the pipe? Definitely an option. 
Is your shower line blocked by something—likely a hair clog with soap
also in the mix—too deep to reach with a typical tool? Definitely the time for
the hydro jet.  Your plumber will know
whether what you are dealing with is a good scenario for help from the hydro

Finally, the why of sewer hydro jetting. Why would you use that
rather than, say, chemicals? Because chemicals can corrode or damage your
pipes, and water doesn’t have that effect. 
Because a pipe snake may not reach the clog with the level of torque you
need to dislodge the clog, but the high-pressure water doesn’t need the right
touch—it just works.