Preparing Your Home Plumbing Before Vacation

When you are leaving on vacation, you mostly don’t have to do anything to your home plumbing.  Unless you are leaving on an extended vacation, then you definitely want to do some things to protect your home.  These aren’t so much tips to keep from having flooding issues—although those are good, too.  These tips are odor control because unused plumbing can have issues.  As pipes dry out, sewer smells can come through. These odors are continually washed away with daily use, but if you are gone for several weeks, they can become a problem.

So, the
first issue with home plumbing is that you have the number of a trusted plumber
while you are away—or someone looking after your home does.  That way, you don’t have to start an Internet
search while on vacation, hoping to read reviews at the last minute to find out
who is OK to have in your home while you aren’t there.

next step is to do the vacation prep. 
You will see a lot of tips out there, but the main idea is to keep your
pipes clean.  A few of these are quite

  • Empty
    the dishwasher and clothes washing machine and put a couple of liters of water
    in there with a tablespoon or so of bleach.
  • Shut
    off water to toilet, flush it and even plunge it to empty the water.  Wrap it with plastic wrap to prevent
  • Put a
    few drops of mineral oil down any floor drains.
  • Consider
    draining your water heater if you will be gone more than three weeks.

these steps is only necessary if you are gone for an extended stay.  If you are gone for a week or less, even up
to 10 days, you are likely fine.  Just
have someone check on your house and alert that trusted plumber if anything
unusual happens.