Is it Time to Replace Your Home Plumbing?

As a homeowner, you should be aware of the condition of your home plumbing system and some of the signs that say it is time to replace your pipes. Failing to notice these problems can lead to massive property damage, so take a moment out of your day to learn some of these signs of plumbing that needs repairing or replacing.

Some of the most
common signs that your plumbing is on its last leg include: leaky faucets, old
pipes, poor water quality, mold and bad smells. Leaks and old pipes are pretty
straight forward indicators. Overtime, as your home’s pipes undergo constant
use, they can corrode and eventually will need to be replaced. This is
especially important if you live in a home that is older than 20 years.
Different homes use different pipe material and each material comes with its
own lifespan; so take this into consideration when considering replacing your
home plumbing. Poor water quality and bad smells can point towards rusting
pipes or buildup of bacteria.

Lastly, if you notice mold or mildew, look around for any exposed pipe or leaks and then call a plumber to talk about replacing your home plumbing. There are a handful of factors that lead to damaged plumbing systems, such as: faulty components, changes in temperature, age of pipes, poor installations, and neglecting maintenance. To avoid some of these factors you can ensure there are no exposed pipes while using your heater to avoid low temperatures.

You can also hire a licensed and experienced plumber for your pipe installations.  While some of these conditions are out of your control, you can drastically reduce the likelihood of a home plumbing disaster by knowing some of the signs and taking action before it is too late.