Benefits of Hydro Jet Cleaning Sewer Lines and Drains

If you need to clean out your pipes, you may not realize the variety of options you have. In particular, you may not even know the benefits of hydro jet cleaning sewer lines.  And that is something that is worth knowing.

Hydro jet cleaning sewer lines is a process unlike any of the traditional ways of cleaning clogged lines.  Most of the time, we tend to think of chemical processes (try to avoid those — your pipes and pocketbook will thank you), plungers (plumbers’ helpers) and plumbing snakes.  If you are a real do it yourself type, you might start with the vinegar and baking soda solution —which doesn’t harm pipes and does work well on clogs that aren’t too tough— hair and soap scum for example.

All of those solutions are good, and they are a great place to start.  If you have a simple hair and soap scum clog, you are probably fine with a do it yourself solution or the typical plumber’s tools like a drain snake.

If you have potato peelings lodged in the pipes under your sink,
taking the pipe apart isn’t too hard to do, and you could even do it yourself,
in many instances.

But if you can’t get the clog to budge with the quick solutions,
you might be a candidate for the hydro jet cleaning process.  Watch the video we have; you’ll be a believer
in no time!

If you have a really tough clog, if you have roots growing through
your sewer line, if someone flushed something they shouldn’t, the hydro jet can
usually get what other methods can’t. 

And the hydro jet cleaning of your sewer lines and drains won’t
damage your pipes.  High speed water is
an amazing tool, and we are here to use it whenever you need it.