Protect Your House from Sewer Backups

Sewer backups can be devastating to any household, so now is the time to take preventative action! There is only so much you can do when a disaster hits which is why it is so important to learn some of the tricks to keep your home safe now.

Some of the main
causes of sewer backups is caused by major clogs and tree roots making their
way into the pipelines. The hardest part is remembering to regularly perform
the simple upkeep tasks that keep your plumbing running smoothly. When it comes
to keeping your pipes clear from clogs, you can regularly clean out your drains
via a plumber or by doing it yourself using a plumbing snake or a variety of
home remedies.

One of the top ways to prevent plumbing issues such as sewer backups is to repair pipes and fixtures when they start to deteriorate. Whether it is a problem with the durability of pipes or a tree root that has made its way into the system, it is a good idea to take care of the problem when they arise. Your best bet is to have a professional plumber take a look and assess the problem.

If you are lucky enough to be reading this before you build or move into a home, look for plastic piping! These have a higher resistance to invasive tree roots. Lastly, you can really reduce the likelihood of sewer backup by being careful about what falls down the drain to begin with. Some common culprits for clogs include: hair, grease, bone, coffee grinds, and other trash such as dental floss. So long as you are cautious about what goes down the drain and you contact a plumber when a problem arises, you should not have to worry much about sewer backups.