Projects to Improve Water Quality in Your Home

We all love that clean, pure taste of good water. And we are lucky in the US; most cities have high quality tap water. But you can still improve water quality in your own home, and a few simple tricks can make all the difference.

To improve water quality in your home or office, follow these simple steps:

  • Drain your water heater annually.  It is a simple process, but the first time might be a little scary, so you can have us help, particularly if we are already in your home for a drain that is not working.
  • Have a water purifier.  Whether it is on your kitchen sink or in your refrigerator, having a water filter will help keep your water clean and tasting great.  If you do not have either of those options, you can also just buy the pitcher with a filter that you can get inexpensively at nearly any department store or online.
  • Do not drink the hot water.  Hot water dissolves minerals and take up particles that you do not want to ingest.  Instead, use the cold water for drinking and mixing so your drinks taste great.
  • Clean your fixtures. The water aeration screen on your faucets can collect — for want of a better word — gunk.  You do not want to deal with that, so take the screen off from time to time and clean it out.
  • Clean your pipes — flush stale water.  If you have been away from home for a while — all day or for longer camping trips or vacations — run the water. Do a load of laundry, for example, flushing all the stale tasting water from the pipes so what you get has not been sitting for hours.

All these tips help improve water quality in your home, and you will taste the difference!