Dealing with Drains: Rooter Service

What does a rooter service do and how is it different from a plumber?  Good question.  If you are dealing with drains, either one will be fine.  However, a rooter service specializes in drains, and a plumber can do much more.  If you are trying to get a drain done today, you are more likely to get the result you are looking for with a rooter service.

A rooter service specializes in drains — kitchen sinks, in-sink disposals, toilets, showers — all of it.  They have specialized tools to help clear roots (the source of the name) and other debris from every sort of drain, big and small.

A plumber can do even more than that.  A plumber is licensed to do water heaters, run gas lines for gas dryers and stoves, and work on excavation in some cases.  A drain only rooter service that doesn’t have a plumber attached cannot do all of that.

So what makes a nice compromise?  A rooter service with a plumbing license that specializes in drains and water heaters, but doesn’t tackle the full range of all plumbing possibilities.

In today’s construction heavy climate in Utah, you can easily get put on the back burner if you only need a couple of drains fixed.  But if you work with someone who specializes in drains, you can get your drains taken care of, and if they also have a full plumber’s license, you can have them install or troubleshoot your water heater as well.

Make sure your rooter service can handle any drain problem.  If you need something more than root clippers, we have hydro jetting to clear out stubborn clogs.  If you want to see that we did the job, we have cameras to follow up.  If you have a drain problem, we can fix it.