Quality Plumber in St. George

If you ever need a quality plumber in St. George, do you know what to look for? Do you know what a good plumber can do and how they can help you keep a safe home that lasts for many years?  We’re here to educate! 

When you need a quality plumber in St. George, you should ask a few questions right up front: do they have proper licensing and insurance? Plumbing is usually straightforward, but sometimes it can get tricky, and you want someone with proper safeguards to ensure that your home is protected if something goes wrong.

You also want to know what they can do and how good they are at it.  Online reviews are hugely helpful, so long as you remember that the people who leave online reviews are usually really happy with what they got, or really unhappy.  The people in the middle usually don’t have much to say.

What can a plumber do? In addition to plumbing your house, plumbers do everything from installing water heaters to fixing clogged drains.  Since most of us don’t replace our water heaters every year, our biggest interactions with plumbers tend to be drains.

So you want someone who can clear a drain—any drain—and regardless of the type of clog:

  • Roots growing into and through your main sewer line into your house
  • Things flushed that shouldn’t have been (batteries! You’d be surprised what we’ve seen)
  • Buildup of grease and other kitchen debris
  • Buildup of hair

We have a variety of tools to clear drains—toilet, kitchen, shower, sinks.  You name it, we have encountered and cleared it.  One common problem is kitchen sink disposals that have been stuffed with potato peelings or egg shells. We can clear that, too.