Kitchen Faucet Replacement

If you have ever had to deal with kitchen faucet replacement, you know the dilemmas: which brand? Which style? What functions do I want and need?  Most of us take that little piece of plumbing for granted, but if yours is old or malfunctioning, you suddenly need to address an issue that you mostly didn’t think about before.  We can help.


Kitchen faucet replacement is not a huge issue, but considering how much time you spend in the kitchen, it can make your life easier or a little frustrating, depending on what you have in place.

Consider first the function.  Do you want a faucet with a built-in vegetable sprayer?  Do you like that to be separate?  Then look at other issues: how tall do you want it to be?  Do you like a specific shape that is easier to move with your elbow when your hands are covered in bread dough or after you have handled raw meat?  What kind of handle is easiest for your children to reach…or not?

Once you have chosen the style more or less, you move on to the brand. Why the brand next? Because some are known for lifetime warranties and some are known to never break down, and your plumber knows each brand and what you will be dealing with.

Now that you know what you are getting, you can move on to looks. Sure, the style and height are part of the look—a big part, frankly—but the part that many of us notice first is the finish.  So many to choose from!

You can have shiny chrome finishes or matte or brushed looks. And bronze or copper is really popular, again, with a variety of finishes to complete the look that adds the perfect final touch to your kitchen.