Drain Cleaning

Taking care of a house can be expensive: leaks in roofs and pipes, broken appliances, lawn care.  Drain cleaning shouldn’t be the big problem that breaks the bank.  In fact, drain cleaning can save you money—both doing it on your own for maintenance and having professionals come and ensure that your main line and the other critical ones in your home are draining properly.


Drain cleaning isn’t only a job you do when your toilet is overflowing or your sink won’t empty.  Drain cleaning is a task that you can do yourself for many drains in your home, and you can have us come and do for the harder ones.  Keeping your drains clear of roots and buildup will prevent you having emergency calls or massive clearance and bills.


First, work on your own drains.  Don’t put peelings and shells down the in-sink disposal, and don’t pour grease down your drains.  If you practice only putting appropriate stuff in your drains to start, you won’t have buildup and clogging problems down the road.


Next, get a hair catcher for your tubs and showers and even bathroom sinks.  So much hair and soap drain down these that they easily get clogged, but those little chains can catch most of it and prevent clogs from forming.


Main lines to houses often have roots growing through them, so the next job is to have us clean out the roots and do maintenance on those big lines.  The next time you have us out for a drain clog, have us clean the roots out at the same time and save yourself the price of an extra call.


And don’t forget you can always do the baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water trick to do a little extra cleaning between big jobs!