See What the Problem is With Plumbing Video Inspection

            Encountering a plumbing problem can be a huge stress to your time, wallet, and mental health; so take some time to reduce the risk of such an issue through plumbing video inspection. Before going into detail about the pros and cons of using video to assess the state of your plumbing, it is a good idea to explain what the inspection is. Put plainly, plumbing video inspection is a process where you call in a plumbing company or a specialist to run a video line through your waste pipes. The video might extend down your branch lines (the pipes that lead from bathtubs and faucets to the house’s sewer line) or down the house’s sewer line (the larger pipe that leads from the house to the municipal sewer line on the street). At the end of the line is a camera that lets you see the line in close-up and real-time detail.

By doing so, your plumber can make an informed decision about what and where your plumbing problem is or will be. Now make no mistake, this is a powerful tool, but is it always needed? Well, that is where a discussion can be had about the best time to use this feature in your home. Without a doubt, when it comes to an annual inspection to make sure your home and it’s features are in good condition, a plumbing video inspection is a great idea. The cost of catching a problem is vastly cheaper than the cost of repairing and reversing damage after a problem is revealed. So if you have a small leak and there is a clear source of the problem, a video inspection will likely confirm what you already know. So understanding what plumbing video inspection does and when to use it is a key way to avoid plumbing disaster and keep your home in great condition!