Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Sewer And Drain Lines

Everyone has encountered a slow or clogged drain. It’s important to know the mistakes that you could be making right now that can ruin your sewer and drain. It is never a fun activity to fix and manage a sewage backup. By avoiding common problems like clogs, tree roots, and collapsed sewer lines, you won’t have to. So what can you do to prevent and avoid any clogs?

Caring For Your Sewer And Drain Lines

When it comes to the bathroom, don’t flush anything that isn’t waste and toilet paper. Even materials such as tissues, napkins, and paper towels may clog some pipes if you’re unlucky. Sinks are another common way to clog the sewer and drain lines. To avoid these, avoid putting garbage, hair, and grease down the drain. When throwing food out, use the garbage can and trust your garbage disposal less. Shaving in front of a sink is normal, but putting a towel over the drain and shaking it out is a great way to minimize clean up and clogs.

The next red flag that can cause a lot of problems are tree roots. Tree roots can cause problems to your sewer and drain lines by growing into pipes, then causing holes and blockage. Tree roots are tough to manage and your best bet is to keep things initially separate.

Lastly, is the collapsing of old, broken, or cracked pipes. Nowadays pipes are made from plastic, older homes were built using cast iron and clay piping that erodes and breaks down over time eventually creating sewer and drain line problems. If there is a problem in your sewer and drain lines now, what matters is the action you take to fix the problem. Call a plumber that can take care of the job for now, and who will take care of your sewer and drain lines in the future and can take care of all your sewer and drain cleaning needs.