Diagnosing A Main Drain Clog In St. George

There are few things less convenient and annoying than a clogged drain. Clogs seem to only show up when you are late for an appointment, when you have just sat down to watch a movie after a long day, or when you are out of town. Clogged drains occur even more frequently when you have children. When a clog occurs, we reach for our trusty plunger and bottle of Drain-O, but often we are treating the symptom not the root cause and that can just lead to further frustration in the future. In fact, you maybe experiencing a main drain clog in St. George and there’s no easy solution for a problem of that magnitude.

Main Drain Clog In St. George

Diagnosing a main drain clog in St. George is really only possible by the professionals as it involves the use of specialty tools and sometimes cameras that the layman simply may not possess. Sometimes a little Drain-O and a plunger will do, but when it will not, you need someone with the right tools. These tools need to reach far through the bowels of your plumbing system and need to be handled by a skilled (and licensed) professional to be the safest and most effective way to identify and remedy main drain clogs. When it comes to a big plumbing project, you need a professional plumber.

After the diagnosis, quality plumbers have special techniques using these tools to break through a main drain clog in St. George. Sometimes this involves cutting through tree or bush roots that have grown into your main line and obstruct the free release of waste water. Whatever the cause of your main line blockage, plumbers have seen it and can remedy it. What you need to be sure is that you have a knowledgeable and trustworthy plumber to take care of breaking through your clog.

To adequately diagnose and fix a main drain clog in St. George, you need a professional plumber, but professional plumbers are all over. More than a professional, you need someone that you can trust to communicate what is going on and who can do the job right the first time. You also need someone you can trust to charge you the fair and right price for the amount of work done. No one wants to get a bill that is dramatically different from the quote they got originally. You can have it all if you simply pick the right company to handle your main drain clog in St. George.