Know Which Plumbing Projects Need A Plumber In St. George

Sometimes you are looking at your clogged drain or the new faucet you want to install and you ask yourself, “Can I do this?” And sometimes you can. And sometimes you can’t. You don’t always know which projects in your home need a plumber in St. George, and which can you manage. When you need help with that question, call us.

Need A Plumber In St. George?

Dixie Drain Doctor can help you when the project is more than you can handle, and we will be happy to help you if you get in over your head. When you need a plumber in St. George, come to us. We not only provide 24-hours/day, 7 days/week emergency service, we also don’t grumble about the chance to help someone in need.

We’ve all had those projects that we think will be easy, but that turn out to be far more complicated and involved than we imagined. We are the experts when it comes to fixing plumbing problems, and we are happy to be of service. Our friendly, reliable plumbers will arrive on time, assess the problem, and provide the right solution for your needs.

What do we do? Pretty much everything. We fix clogged drains, for starters. We can use hydro jetting as well as our traditional tools to clear drains and lines, and we also employ video inspection to make sure we didn’t leave you a problem that will wreck your weekend or make a vacation homecoming a nightmare. We install water heaters and install and repair garbage disposals, and we can fix or install new faucets in your kitchen and bathroom.

In fact, if you need a plumber in St. George for anything, we can handle it. Is your faucet on the exterior of your house old and leaky? Call us. Do you need a new shower head that has more pressure? We can help. Give us a call for any plumbing needs or questions!