Pipe Cleaning In St. George And The Techniques Used

Clogged pipes are a real hassle, but when you know about pipe cleaning in St. George and the techniques used, you are able to prevent them from happening as often.

Before you know how clogs and pipes are cleared out, you should know how the problem arises. Most of the time, clogs aren’t caused by one object, but rather a buildup of various residue and debris. This happens overtime when anything from hair, grease, or other foreign objects enter and stick to the inner lining of the pipes. So if you are looking for a specific warning sign, you should first notice when a sink is draining slower than usual.

Pipe Cleaning In St. George

Now, here are some of the techniques most widely used for pipe cleaning: power rodding, snake, and hydro jetting. Power rodding uses a metal cable that finds its way into drain systems until it runs into the clog. Then, a motor is turned on and it clears out the obstruction with the force, leaving a clean pipe. From here, a good rinse should push all of the debris and waste right out.

Another method of pipe cleaning in St. George is the snake drain. The snake drain is a slender cord that is also used to fish its way through piping and dislodge any obstruction. They come motorized or hand spun but either way, they are great tools for pipe cleaning in St. George.

Lastly, we have hydro jetting. Hydro jetting uses high pressure water jets to clear out any slime and sludge that may be building. It is best used when pipes are strong and can handle the pressure, so be careful about using this method in older homes or buildings.

So now that you know all of the many methods, be sure to give your home a good pipe cleaning in St. George when needed!