Top Reasons To Be Thankful For Indoor Plumbing In St. George

As the thanksgiving holiday approaches, it’s important to stop and realize just all the people and things we value, like indoor plumbing in St. George. We all remember to thank our family, friends, health, career, and the big general categories, but it is time to give a nod to the small things. It is often the small gestures that happen every day that go unnoticed. When was the last time you really cherished a morning coffee or the snooze button. So let’s give a shout out to perhaps the most overlooked blessing of all. Indoor plumbing.

Indoor Plumbing In St. George

It is easy to forget just how vile and awful times were before our waste vanished with a single flush. In cities, waste was thrown in the streets. Diseases and vermin plagued the streets. Bathing was a rare occasion because bathing was thought to cause illness. These factors combined to create a petri dish where the black plague and polio thrived. Now that these times are over, we can truly appreciate what a miraculous invention indoor plumbing is and was. Transporting clean water in and waste out became streamlined, resulting in countless time-saving machines and saved lives. Everything from toilets, dish washers, sinks, and showers would be impossible without working indoor plumbing in St. George.

This is why we should also value our indoor plumbing maintenance workers. Having a professional plumber’s number close by is important as well. Not only can we be thankful for not living in our own filth, but plumbing practices are upheld to a high standard. Contracting a disease from unclean water is a big deal that should be treated as such. So remember to add indoor plumbing in St. George to your list of things to be grateful for this holiday.