Easy Clogged Drain Remedies In St. George

If you own, rent, or reside in a domicile of just about any sort you know that the most common plumbing problem almost everyone experiences is a clogged drain. Plumbers find any number of interesting (and sometimes disturbing) items in clogged drains, but usually it is too much of something put down the drain that causes a clog. In North America, it is easy to find toilet paper that breaks down very easy to pass through our pipes, but that does not stop us from sometimes using too much. As well as toilet paper, we often put things down drains that have no business being there, like a half pound of potato or carrot peelings, or worse a couple cups of bacon or beef grease. We should probably know better, but when a clog happens it is good to know a few clogged drain remedies in St. George.

Clogged Drain Remedies In St. George

The most widely marketed solution for the clogged drain is Drano by SC Johnson. Noted for its clog busting abilities, Drano uses very harsh chemicals to erode and cut through grease, grime, and other clogging agents and sometimes it does work. However, if you asked a plumber for clogged drain remedies in St. George they would not ever recommend Drano. The fact is that often Drano is a quick fix for a more serious problem and not getting the real problem fixed adequately could lead to further clogging and more headaches if it is not taken care of.

Sometimes, depending on the type of clog, a snake may be employed. Snakes come in a variety of lengths and styles, but the basic idea is that you put the long slender and flexible snake down the clogged orifice to break it up and hopefully wash the clog away. As one of the easy clogged drain remedies in St. George, it is very effective when used by someone who knows what they are doing. When used by a novice, special care needs to be taken that pipes are not overly forced or leaks and other problems may result. Snakes can be purchased at any home and garden shop and may be an excellent remedy for your clogged drain.

The easiest of all clogged drain remedies in St. George is to call your plumber! In most cases, when you factor in the time it may take you to solve your clog issue and purchase necessary tools (and heaven forbid you break something and need to replace it), you will often save money to bring in a professional and let them quickly take care of the problem drain. Moreover, if you have other unknown underlying problems, a professional plumber can diagnose these and get you on to a clog free future.