Things You Must Know About Household Plumbing Repair in St. George

Everyone has plumbing problems. Sooner or later, we all have a clogged drain or overflowing toilet. When you need household plumbing repair in St. George, you might have an easy fix, like a clogged sink in a mostly unused room. But most of us have problems in areas that are high traffic where an emergency is bad news. Knowing what to do to minimize the problem can prevent damage to floors or pipes, and can help minimize the costs related to your plumbing repairs.

Household Plumbing Repair in St. George

A household plumbing repair in St. George can be a problem if you don’t know some basics about your own home. For example, do you know where to shut off the water to a toilet? Do you know where the shutoff is for the water that supplies your entire home? Knowing these things can help you prevent problems should a plumbing emergency arise. If you are in a single-family home, rather than an apartment, knowing where the water shutoff for your yard can also help.

The worst-case scenario, for most of us, is an overflowing toilet. When that happens, your first line of defense for household plumbing repair in St. George is the water shut off for that particular toilet. For most toilets, that valve is behind and off to one side of the toilet, and one of the best things you can do is find it now and make sure you can turn it off and on easily. Having to wrestle a rusted valve when you are worried the toilet will overflow is never fun.

Of course, in an emergency, you can always remove the top off the toilet tank and either lift the float or close the flapper where the water enters the tank.

Ultimately, the best route to stopping an emergency is locating all the shut off valves in your home and making sure you can turn them off when you need to.