Mistakes to Avoid with Drain Cleaning in St. George

Maintaining a clean and functional house isn’t easy; especially when a certain drain continues to give you trouble. So here is a quick refresher on how to properly care for you drain, saving you time and money on a drain cleaning in St. George and repairs.

Drain Cleaning in St. George

While it is tempting to treat our kitchen sink like an incinerator, it won’t take long until the drain begins to fight back. Slow drains, weird sounds, and a growing smell from the drain are all signs that obstruction is in the way. Many homeowners first instinct when they encounter a drain issue is to buy the first product that claims to fix the problem, which is usually a chemical drain cleaner. While these may fix the problem if you’re lucky, they can have some ugly consequences if used frequently. They can damage the pipe lining, can corrode the surrounding surfaces, and can leave toxic fumes filtering through your kitchen. Another common impulse is to fish out the debris causing the clog with a hanger. If you are lucky, this will act as a Band-Aid, temporarily solving the problem. However, this doesn’t address the slow building gunk along the pipes inner lining.

A proper drain cleaning in St. George is safe, affordable, and prevents problems down the line. Whether by attempting the cleaning yourself or by hiring an expert, the slow and steady approach is often the best. Only by dismantling the pieces, inspecting and cleaning each part, and reassembling the drain will you be sure the problem is dealt with. Some minor clogs can be handled with plungers and some can be handled by cleaning the P-trap. Each drain cleaning in St. George is different, so keep these mistakes in mind, so you can avoid them yourself.