Steps in Dealing with Invasive Tree Roots — Sewer Rooter Services in Leeds

Maybe you don’t want to have to deal with sewer rooter services in Leeds. So what is the best way to never have a problem with tree roots invading your sewer system or home water lines? Answer: Never have a home with a tree within a mile. Short of that extreme solution, you will have to find other ways to prevent or deal with invasive tree roots—and everyone has this problem sooner or later if you have trees in your yard or neighborhood.

Sewer Rooter Services in Leeds

Sewer rooter services in Leeds are a necessary fact of life because trees love sewer systems. Why? In short, water and nutrients. Sewer lines have, in essence, fertilizer running through them on a daily basis, and tree roots are perfectly designed to seek out water and nutrients to keep the tree alive. They enter into any miniscule hole or crack when the roots themselves are the diameter of a human hair. Then they grow, clogging the pipes and eventually cracking them. If they are not contained soon enough, the repair involves an expensive plumbing and excavating adventure, tearing up sidewalks and lawns in the process.

To avoid all the hassle, work first to prevent the roots problem. Other than not planting trees in your yard, your best bet is to have your lines examined and, if necessary, rootered on occasion. We can simply do a maintenance service and clean out any roots that are growing or we can do an assessment with you to determine whether roots are a likely problem, given the age of your home, the proximity of the trees, and the speed of your drains. When you need sewer rooter services in Leeds, we are the team to help you with the root of your problem.