Ways to Prevent a Christmas Plumbing Disaster — St. George Drain Cleaning

With the holidays upon us, now might be the perfect time to call for St. George drain cleaning to make sure you prevent any seasonal disasters! The increased cooking and cleaning, the larger-than-usual number of guests, the more time spent indoors and at home—all these factors can combine to overload your plumbing. What can you do? Prepare now before the disasters hit.

St. George Drain Cleanining

St. George drain cleaning by the Dixie Drain Doctor will help you prepare for the holidays and prevent plumbing disasters rather than clean up after. What can we do to help you? First, a few suggestions. Make sure you don’t put things down the disposal that don’t belong there. Peelings from potatoes, eggs, and carrots are among the worst things for your garbage disposal. The shape and size, not to mention the starchiness in the case of potatoes, can quickly overwhelm most disposals, giving you either a messy cleanup or a repair call.

Other preventative measures include not putting popcorn kernels down the disposal, ensuring your hair traps are in place in your showers, and making sure no one flushes obstructive objects down the toilets. Any one of these things can cause you to have to become a DIY plumber—which most of us are ill prepared for—or to call a plumber at, usually, the least convenient time.

We can also help, of course. If you have a drain that is already slow, give us a call. We can clean that one out before it becomes a problem, and in many cases, cleaning one drain can have a clearing effect on others down the line.

If you have bigger problems, St. George drain cleaning by the Dixie Drain Doctors can clear roots and bigger clogs from bigger lines early—before you have to involve an excavator and major expenses at exactly the wrong time.