Key Benefits of Hydro Jet Cleaning in St. George

If you have a slow or clogged drain, you might not yet have heard of hydro jet cleaning in St. George. What is it and why should you look for this solution? Hydro jet cleaning is a method used to break up clogs in drainage lines, and it is a revolutionary way to more completely dissolve obstructions than traditional methods.

Hydro Jet Cleaning in St. George

Hydro jet cleaning in St. George uses water, water forced through a line through rotating nozzles and at high speed, to break up big clogs in sewer lines. This isn’t a method you use for those easy-to-reach clogs that you know are there—most of those are easily removed with other, more traditional methods. You don’t need hedge clippers for fingernails, and we know when to use each tool.

But when you have a significant obstruction in an area of the line that we can sense but not clear, we can bring out the big machine, so to speak. Relying on hydro jet cleaning in St. George for larger obstructions allows us to safely clear major clogs without damaging your pipes. As pipes age, they can become less pliable, making how you clean them very important. We don’t want to use any tools that will punch holes in or damage your lines; replacing those can be expensive and time consuming.

Of course, if you have simple hair or grease clogs that can be cleared the old-fashioned way, we will use those. State-of-the-industry technology is a little more expensive to use, and if you don’t need it, we aren’t going to use it just to raise the cost of your plumbing call. It’s just nice to know we have the heavy-duty tools when we need them. Visit our website and watch the video if you want to see how it’s done.